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"Ne~ [name]-chan! Let's play a game! I'm bored!"
"How about Deidara-senpai, or someone else?"
"But they're all on a mission! Besides, even if they were here, they'd tell me to play with you!"
"Sigh... Fine. What do you want to play?"
"Hm... I have a special game that I've always wanted to play with [name]-chan especially!"
"Which is?"

Being the bored person you are, you didn't have much of a choice on what to make here. Lie on the bed all day, or play a harmless game with Tobi. Of course, since you didn't have a mission today, and everyone else was gone, including Leader, you decided to humor Tobi.

"OKAY! [name]-chan hides and I seek!"

Tobi jumped off the couch and ran to a wall, hands on his face and counting to 20, while you made your choice. You ran to every place you could think of, but found that they weren't such a good place. 20 seconds passed, so Tobi shouted to no one in particular.


You panicked and decided to try to at least avoid Tobi for a while. After a while of hiding behind the shadows, Tobi was .... sad.

"[name]-chan~! Where are you~?"

No answer. You stayed where you are in Deidara's closet, because everyone knows if any trouble were there, Deidara would blame it on Tobi. After Tobi looked around a bit more, he exited the room, closing it before him.


You opened the door a peek, before slowly sliding from the closet and outside. No orange lollipop in sight. You were a pretty good hider, so Tobi was having quite a hard time searching for you.

Back to Tobi, he was getting sadder and sadder for not knowing where you are. He began to think that you ditched him, sneaking out of the base to have fun by yourself.

"[name]-chan... Where are you...?... [name]-chan..."

And just thinking about you made Tobi water up and cry on the floor of the living room.
Hearing the noise, you poked your head from the stairs and saw Tobi crying sadly. He cried out your name in hics and sobs, which made you feel made, so you went down to him to make him better.

Tobi didn't notice you sneaking up to him, and was appalled to you wrapping your arms around his shaking form. He hugged back, snaking his arms around you.

"S-Sorry, Tobi-senpai. If you were sad you couldn't find me. How about we make cookies together to make up for it?"
"[name]-chan.. Actually, I kind of want something else, too.."
"What is it?"
"C-Can, [name]-chan kiss me?"

You were surprised there. How did Tobi learn of such things? In any case, you hesitated a bit before leaning forward to press your lips on the side of Tobi's mask where his eye is.


Before Tobi said anything, he pulled his mask off and pressed his lips on yours, gently, surprising you more than ever.
It was brief, so Tobi quickly placed his mask on and giggled.

"T-Tobi-senpai..." You stuttered.
"Tobi likes [name]-chan really much! Does [name]-chan like Tobi?" Tobi asked.

Being the kind of shy person you are, you blushed deeply and nodded your head to Tobi's question, hiding your face in his arms.

"YAY! [name]-chan likes me!"
"Sorry! I'm just really happy that [name]-chan likes me, too. I've liked you for a while."

You rested your head on Tobi and played around for the rest of the day until everyone else came home. They'll never know your little secret with your fun loving Tobi.
I had made two scenarios of how this story would've turned out, so big difference.
Hide and Seek: [HERE]
Hide and Seek 2:[link]
Sabukano Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
This is really cute(And sad).
kishinhunter01 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
soo adorable Love 
xXChocoMelkGirlXx Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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