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Submitted on
June 8, 2013
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It was a normal day in the Akatsuki household. Some people were away for missions, while most stayed behind, for they had nothing to do. One of those people were you. And another one was Itachi.
The time was at breakfast, and Itachi gobbled some dangos for breakfast. They only one else at the kitchen table was you. You had nothing to do, so you laid your chin on the table, daydreaming about anything you like. And dangos. You peeked at Itachi eating a dango, and you realized.
You never knew what a dango tasted like.
Knowing that Itachi could be quite competitive on dangos, you merely looked away and tried to ignore it, but Itachi could see your stares.
He held out a stick and asked, "[name] do you want one?"
"Ah! No, I'm alright."
And you turned away, a frustrated look on your features.
When you were thinking about colorful, bouncy dangos, you felt something on your cheeks.
"Wha-? Itachi-senpai?"
Itachi kept poking your cheek with the dango, a hard to read expression on his face.
"Don't you want it?'
"Here. Open your mouth."
Hesitantly, you opened your mouth, and let Itachi poke a dango past your lips. Closing your lips on the dango, you pulled back and munched on it, smiling as you savored its favor.
"Itachi-senpai, it actually tastes pretty good."
Itachi would've said that it was pretty good, but that was the from the best view that he got. :)
I need to manage whether saying one-shot or not. But you guys get the point. XD
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